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Tourtons are from the Haute Alpes Region of France, usually found on market being cooked fresh to take home and reheat or be eaten on the go!

This fresh pastry (ravioli like shaped) get filled traditionally with mash potato and goat’s cheese then deep fried. Usually eaten with cured meat like saucisson or ham on top of a salad.

At Opsono, Laurent and Stephane have used their Grand Mother’s traditional recipe but made tourtons from quality organic Scottish produce and brought the tourtons up to date with culinary fashion.

We now make three savoury flavoured tourtons and a range of sweet ones, but also make tourtons depending on the season. Like haggis, black pudding or smoked salmon.

The tourtons are now a delicacy that can be enjoyed as a tapas, to accompany soup, as a side dish or as a starter with salad and cured meat like our grand Mother used to serve it.

The sweet ones are best eaten with a steaming hot chocolate drink. Mmmm!

To reheat, just place the tourtons on a tray in a hot oven 160 degC / gas mark 5, for 10 minutes. Voilá!

You can find us selling tourtons from our truck or farmer market stall and street food event!

Keep an eye out for us if you want tourtons, because they are going fast!!!!

Quality Local Suppliers:

Peel Ham Farm, Berwickshire, Scotland.

We get our cured lardons, saucisson and cured ham from these lovely guys!

Dunlop dairy, East Ayrshire, Scotland

All of the cheese we use are from these guys!

Corrie Main Farm, Ayrshire, Scotland

All our eggs are free range, from this award winning supplier

McGuire’s Greengrocer, Strathaven, South Lanarkshire , Scotland

Favouring specialised local suppliers, our vegetables come from McGuire’s

Tourtons for any ocassion

Our savoury tourtons are very versatile, so you can make any meal time exciting by adding a few to your plate.


Have our tourtons on a sharing platter, with other antipasti. The spinach and goat’s cheese tourtons are perfect for this.

The potato and mature cheddar tourtons are great with cold meats and a glass of wine.

Or enjoy any of our range of tourtons with a side of red wine and shallot gravy.


Make a salad delicious by adding a few tourtons on top instead of the usual croutons.

You can accompany lentil soup with our cured lardons and mature cheddar tourtons.

Or add a few potato and mature cheddar tourtons next to broccoli soup.


Tourtons are a really good alternative to chips and mash potato when it comes to main courses and go well with grilled meat like steak, lamb chops or steak pie.

In fact tourtons go well with pretty much any main dish!

Cured lardons and mature cheddar tourtons with chicken and gravy.

Any of our range would go well with a steak.

Tourtons with steak pie is the perfect match! You have the pastry and the potato all in one.  It makes an easy option, for a quick dinner with no fuss.

Or you can try mince and tourtons, for another option!


Our sweet tourtons are filled with creme patisserie, vanilla or chocolate. We also make chocolate fudge ones.

They are delicious on their own, dusted with icing sugar and served with a chocolate drink or to accompany any other desert.  Definitely a winner with ice cream!

There are many other ways to enjoy the lovely tourtons, but we’ll leave this to your imagination and creativity.

This is how we sell our tourtons on a street food event. A bit of salad and a few slices of saucisson. Voilà!

And this is where tourtons and our Grand Mother come from: